You need to get on board with FMD compliance!

Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) compliance is a legal requirement coming into effect on 9th February 2019. Your pharmacy must be compliant by then! Our PMR solution, Careway Link, will enable you to be FMD compliant.

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To ensure you are ready for FMD, you need to update ProScript Link to ProScript Connect.

ProScript Link will not provide any FMD functionality. Our industry leading PMR solution, Careway Link, offers ProScript Connect - software built to support you in a constantly changing market - and will enable you to be FMD compliant.

Careway Link - it's not just about compliance, it's about saving your business time.

Select the number of electronic scripts you produce each month to see how many hours Careway Link could save you.

Careway Link can save you...

hoursper month

What will you do with the extra hours?

Cut down on unnecessary overtime and working late with Careway Link – 
our efficient PMR system – while ensuring you’re compliant with FMD!

When you use Careway Link, you and your staff will have more time for:

  • Patient 

  • Other services your pharmacy offers

  • Selling

  • MURs

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Your link to an efficient future.

Features & benefits

Careway Link brings you a brand new generation of software with a dedicated support package wrapped in one.

  • An EPS service with the ability to multi-task between different functions
  • A modern interface which allows the integration of apps rather than using a separate program
  • A better clinical database with GP integration
  • Customisable front screen functionality to suit your individual needs, to reduce key strokes, save time and improve processes
  • Ability to flag customers who are potentially suitable for MUR and NMS
  • An easier solution to managing repeat prescription business; workload planning and online reporting portal, with our Repeat Prescription Management service
  • Access an in-house support team who will be there to support you on the phone until any problems are resolved
  • Regular server backups helping protect key patient data
  • Engineer visits - we have an eight hour SLA, four hours if non-trading
  • 24/7 access to our comprehensive web based 
e-learning platform

Underpinned by

  • We have been providing PMR systems for over 20 years

  • We know what it takes to operate over 1,600 community pharmacies

  • We supply every single dispensing point in the UK

So we understand you need more than just an IT solution